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D.M.V. based artist, builder, & owner of STUDIO47DC, Eddie Harris, has been honing his skills in creative arts for decades.  Born and raised in Alexandria, VA, Eddie was drawn to visual arts, making things, and music since elementary school.  Influenced heavily by Hip Hop, GoGo, and rock music in the late 80’s, the culture provided a way for him to express his passions by painting related iconography on clothing and anywhere else the opportunity presented itself. At the age of 14, Eddie started working with a family friend in construction, learning valuable skills in this trade. In the late 80’s early 90’s, the Washington, DC metro area saw countless streetwear brands pop up and Eddie started to design for a local brand where he would learn the processes, including color separation for screen printing.  Eddie would eventually make his way onto the local music scene.  Starting out as a singer, then quickly shifting his focus to sound engineering and production.  It was on this journey where Eddie would meld all of his passions together.  While diving deep into his apprenticeship as a sound engineer and taking the lead on needed construction builds, he would become the go-to for album artwork and all types of graphic design at the recording studio he and his partners created.  In 2016, Eddie would leave the music industry completely, and focus solely on his visual art and maker projects, but his love of music was still deeply ingrained.  Painting colorful portraits, abstract pieces, and other commissions led to painting large wall murals.  This became his primary focus, studying and experimenting with aerosol techniques, constantly sharpening his composition skills.  Relying on those previous life experiences have helped Eddie approach new work.  Drawing from the music and visual art of his past, being specific about holding on to childhood creativity and imagination, is how he tells his stories today.  With no formal art education, Eddie leans on the time he spent not bound by worldly limitations, freely exploring identity, connection, and emotional reaction. 

Eddie is accepting interior/exterior mural requests and custom woodwork  for business, private, or public art commissions.



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